Easy Ways for Pet Lovers to Cartoonize Their Pets

Easy Ways for Pet Lovers to Cartoonize Their Pets

Big news for pet lovers around the world! Are you looking to immortalize your pets uniquely? Cartooning pet pictures is the latest trend making raves now.

Cartooning pet pictures allows you to create cute pet portraits that you can use to immortalize your pets. Some pet lovers go as far as customizing pet portraits for gifts and home decor.

There are various methods you can use to cartoonize your pet. Stick with me, pet lovers, as we explore different ways you can cartoon your pets and some ideas on how to use these portraits.

Uses of Cartoonized Pet Pictures

image generated by Canva

Here are some of the ways you can use cartoonized pet pictures:

1. Gifts and merchandise

One of the nicest presents you can give a pet lover is a cartoonized pet portrait. Gifts for pet lovers might be difficult to find, but you can't go wrong with personalized pet pictures.

2. Artwork and decor

When you cartoonize your pet online, you may sell the artwork or use it as house decor.

3. Websites and blogs

Pet-related blogs and websites frequently feature cartoonized pet images. It's a departure from usual pet photos, and it offers the site a new and distinct aesthetic.

4. Portraits and souvenirs

Cartoonizing your pet's pictures allows you to make cute pet portraits that can be put on goods such as shirts, blankets, and pouches. These things can be used as souvenirs when you celebrate your pet's birthday.

5. Pet-focused events and celebrations

Cartoonized pet pictures are an excellent method to promote pet-related events and celebrations. You can use them to advertise events and even personalize the images to match the theme.

Ways to Cartoonize Your Pet Portraits

Here are some of the methods you can use to cartoonize your pet portraits:

Method 1: Hire a Cartoonist to Draw Your Pet Portrait


image from Pettoonies

Pettoonies is an online platform that specializes in transforming pet pictures into cartoons. It started as a pastime for Irene de Prada until she discovered a method to monetize it.

Pettoonies provides pet owners with hand-drawn customized pet portraits that are meticulously detailed. For $60, you can employ Pettoonies' services to customize pet portraits.

How to Cartoonize Your Pet on Pettoonies

  • The first step is to choose your preferred pet photo and upload it.
  • Choose the background or theme you want and send in your order.
  • A first draft of your customized pet portrait is sent in for you to make corrections.
  • Send your approval once you have your desired look
  • Your order is then sent back either as a physical print or a digital download, whichever you prefer.

Key Features

  • You can choose either a digital or print format.
  • Processing and shipping can be tracked from start to finish.
  • You get unlimited previews and revisions.
  • You can pay by purchasing their gift cards.
  • Different pet themes are available every month


image from Petcreationsart

Petcreationsart is a company that helps pet owners cartoonize their furry companions. Sallie and Sophia, two sisters, invented it, and the portraits are hand-drawn without the use of any other programs.

Their passion for their father's art and animals inspired them to create cute pet portraits online.

You can employ Petcreationsart's services to make portraits of any type of pet, and they can be printed on blankets, canvas, or gift bundles. They are able to give each animal a unique personality thanks to their personalized drawings.

How to Cartoonize Your Pet on Petcreationsart

  • The first step is to choose and upload your pet's picture. You can pick an existing photo or snap a fresh one. However, ensure you capture your pet facing the camera directly
  • The next step is to preview your pet's portrait and request any changes if you have any. Then give your approval for the final sample of the portrait to be printed.
  • Once you approve the sample portrait, it is printed and shipped to your door.

Key Features

  • You can choose from different categories of background options.
  • You can choose your choice of frame size for the portrait.
  • You also get unlimited revisions until you're satisfied with the portrait.


image from Mypetframe

Mypetframe is a UK-based online brand that helps pet owners cartoonize pet portraits.

They hand-draw cartoon portraits that are unique to your pet's personality. You can include up to three pets in one photo, and if you wish to include more, you can make a special request.

For $49.95, you may have your pet's portrait cartoonized, and it will be delivered within 2-4 working days.

How to Cartoon Your Pet with Mypetframe

  • Select a pet picture. Ensure you pick a close-up picture so that your pet's features are well captured. Your pet's photo's lighting and sharpness will also have a big impact on how the portrait turns out. So, ensure you pick the best.
  • Provide your pet's name, date of birth, and a fun fact about your pet's personality. You also get to pick a frame size and a background color from 4 color options.
  • Within 24 hours, you will get an email containing artwork proof that requires your approval. The portrait is created and framed once you have given your permission. Following that, it is dispatched and delivered within 1-3 business days.

Key Features

  • You can customize the background color of the portrait.
  • You can customize the frame size


image from Printedpetmemories

Printedpetmemories can create cute pet portraits that precisely capture the personality of your beloved pets.

They turn your pet's images into beautiful mementos, preserving valuable memories for a lifetime. You can enjoy Printedpetmemories’ quality services starting at $59.95.

How to Cartoonize Your Pet on Printedpetmemories

  • Snap and upload your pet's picture. To avoid snapping blurry photos, aim for close-up shots and ensure they're well-lit.
  • The portrait is processed, and a preview is sent for your approval.
  • After you've given your approval, the portrait is then printed on canvas and shipped to your door

Key Features

  • You can track your package after it has been shipped.
  • You can create a cartoon portrait of any pet and any breed of your choice.
  • You can customize the frame size of the portrait.

Method 2: Cartoonize Pets Using AI Image Generators


MidJourney is a text-to-image AI that can create cute pet portraits using prompts. It is not a web application and can only be used through Discord, either on your phone or on Windows. You’ll need to send messages to the chatbot in the Discord app.

It specializes in rendering detailed and realistic images by following your instructions or descriptions. It is a great tool you can use to cartoonize your pet online.

It costs $10/month but there’s also the opportunity for a free trial.

How to Cartoonize Your Pet on Midjourney

You can also watch this Youtube video to learn how to turn your pets into AI art with Midjourney.

  • Create an account with Discord.
  • Also, create an account with Midjourney.
  • Proceed to accept the invitation to the Midjourney Discord channel.
  • Navigate to a #newbies channel, and type “/subscribe”.
  • Select your preferred Midjourney plan.
  • Head back to Discord and click the Midjourney icon to go to the workspace.
  • Navigate to a #newbies channel.
  • In the Message area at the bottom of the page, type “/imagine,” and upload your pet’s picture.
  • Then describe the type of image you want to create.
  • For every image generated, there are eight-button options (U1, U2, U3, U4, V1, V2, V3, and V4)  that allow you to edit, upscale, and refine the image.

Key Features

  • It can transform images into words with its new “Describe” feature
  • It can generate any type of picture.


Runway screenshot

Runwayml is a unique AI tool that is capable of generating images from text and modifying uploaded images. It's also popular for its unique video editing capabilities.

You can use Runwayml to customize pet portraits by uploading pictures and modifying them to look however you want.

Runwayml's subscription plan starts at $12/month but there's also a free plan with limited features available.

How to Cartoonize Your Pet on Runway

  • Sign in and navigate to AI Magic Tools
  • Select the image-to-image feature
  • Upload your pet's image you’d like to transform.
  • You can select the style or mood you want for the portrait.
  • Write a prompt describing the type of portrait you want to generate.
  • You can also make adjustments to the prompt weight to get better creative results. Low prompt weight yields more creative results, while a high prompt weight is more restricted to the prompt text.
  • The last step is to generate your image. You can use the advanced settings to select your number of desired outputs.

Key Features

  • Green Screen for editing background
  • Cloud storage
  • Faster editing
  • Endless editing tools


Dezgo screenshot

Dezgo is an online AI image generator that allows you to generate images from text descriptions and modify images. Dezgo uses stable diffusion AI to reconstruct an image from noise using a text prompt as guidance; it's also capable of transforming pictures into well-refined images. You can use Dezgo to customize pet portraits the way you want.

It has different models, resolutions, options, and settings to customize your image generation process.

You can use Dezgo for free, but you'll only get limited features; the Power Mode offers more features and a pay-as-you-go model.

How to Cartoonize Your Pet on Dezgo

  • Navigate to the image-to-image feature on the website
  • Upload your pet's picture
  • Enter a description of the type of portrait you want in the prompt box
  • You can adjust the strength bar for how much you want the picture to be edited.
  • You can select more edit options in the 'more options bar.
  • Click on 'run' to generate the image.

Key Features

  • Privacy settings can be modified according to your preferences.
  • Fast and multiple image generation.
  • Its aspect ratios are adjustable.

Method 3: Smartphone Apps for Pet Cartoon Creation

Voila AI Artist

Voilà is an iOS and Android photo app that manipulates photos to look like cartoons. It uses a 2D and 3D rendering system to generate cartoons that look like art from the 15th, 18th, or 20th centuries.

Voilà AI Artist can serve as a pet avatar maker for pet lovers. You can upload your pet's picture from your mobile device and convert it to an avatar.

Voilà has four different modes you can use. There's the 3D cartoon that makes your pet look like a Pixar or Disney character; Renaissance paintings; 2D cartoons; and caricatures.

Lensa AI

Lensa AI is a mobile photo editing app available on both iOS and Android. It uses AI to create unique portraits and avatars. It’s a tool you can use to cartoonize your pet online.

To generate avatars, Lensa requires you to upload 10-20 pictures of yourself. This helps it learn your face's features and create portraits focusing on your face.

So, all you need to do to use Lensa AI as a pet avatar maker is upload up to 20 pictures of your pet and let the app do its magic.


Pets can sense when you've done something special for them, but they don't always know how to express it. Cartoonizing your pet's portrait might revitalize your bond with your pet.

Overall, cartoonizing your pet's photos can be a fun and fulfilling experience. Several methods and tools are available to help you cartoon your pet portraits, but those listed in this article are sure to give you the closest thing to a Disneyfied pet portrait!